“King of Kings and Lord of Lords”

Welcome to St. Katherine,

We are a community of love where we live and commune as Orthodox Christians in the fullness of the faith with the Triune God according to the revealed truth established by the God-Man Jesus Christ. 

We worship Him as, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords“.  Revelations 19:16

Jesus Christ Enthroned on High

We are named in honor of a young lady who proved her love for God by her eloquent witness, righteous living, and courageous martyrdom in the year 305 AD.

Highly educated in the Christian faith and Hellenistic culture, Katherine lived in the most learned city of the Roman Empire (Alexandria, Egypt).  After having received a direct encounter with the living God through the revelation of Jesus Christ, she was able to refute the most expert pagan philosophers of her day.

Organized in the late 1980’s, our Naples community has grown rapidly in faith and numbers to the present day, offering many ministries fostering excellence in Christian worship, discipleship and service.  Our sanctuary was constructed in 2000 and later consecrated in 2011.

May your visit to St. Katherine be a blessed one, and plant the seed of your return to join our Christian family.

Always agape,

Fr. Philemon