Christmas Celebration

The Saint Katherine community will celebrating the Glorious  and Universal Incarnation and Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ with the following worship services:

Christmas Eve – Sunday, December 24


Matins – 8:30 am

Divine Liturgy – 9:30 am


Great Vespers of Christmas  – 5 pm

Christmas Carols  – 6 pm in Sanctuary


Christmas Day – Monday, December 25 


Matins – 8:30 am

Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great (Eucharistic) – 9:30 am

Christ is born; glorify Him! * Christ is
come from heaven; go and meet Him. * Christ
is on earth; arise to Him. * Sing to the Lord, all
you who dwell on the earth; * and in merry
spirits, O you peoples, praise His birth. * For
He is glorified.

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