Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

“As we dim the lights throughout the Church, the darkness symbolizes the cold and empty world without Christ with its selfish egoism, sin and despair.

“The single vigil lamp lit on the Holy Altar symbolizes the light of Jesus Christ that still rises from his Holy burial stone bringing resurrected faith, hope and love to all who believe in His name.  Through our baptisms, we are buried and resurrected with Him as new creations made for immortal life.  He is full of grace and truth, and in His light we shall see light.

“Furthermore, by our assembling here this evening, we the St. Katherine Community, testify that we have chosen to embrace the light and life of Christ, the true light of the world that takes away the sins of the world and bestows the light of knowledge that illumines all men with His love.   Our Lord Jesus Christ is the antidote for this wounded and fallen world.

“Jesus is the “Good Samaritan” that rescues and restores us when we are robbed and beaten of all our strength and glory!  Jesus is the Great Physician of our souls and bodies that rescues us from sin, death and the devil!

“Christ is indeed risen from the dead, by His death he trampled down death and bestowed life to everyone in the tombs.

“We also proclaim our commitment to stand up for truth and justice in our Naples community and everywhere throughout the world and to put our Christian faith into action through increased prayer, repentance and service to our fellow man:

May the light of the Resurrected Christ restore us with its resplendent joy!  Amen”

Rev. Fr. Philemon Patitsas, Proistamenos

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