Be a part of our NEW Parish Directory!



To celebrate our church family and strengthen the bond within our parish, we have made the commitment to produce a new pictorial directory. 

A new church family directory:

  • Preserves this special time in the life and ministry of our church
  • Becomes a lasting record of our current members/stewards
  • Enhances fellowship by helping us visually connect faces with names
  • Becomes a communication tool for our congregation
We have selected Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits to service our congregation.
Lifetouch is providing the directory at no cost to our church. Plus, every family photographed receives a complimentary directory and an 8×10 portrait!
  • THUR. OCT 26:  2:00 PM UNTIL 8:40 PM 
  • FRI. OCT 27:  2:00 PM UNTIL 8:40 PM 
  • SAT. OCT 28:  10:00 AM until 4:40 PM



SIGN UP ONLINE using the link: 

Allow one hour during which time you will check-in, be photographed and select your portraits.  

All photography and portrait viewing will take place at our church hall.You will have a variety of poses taken, and Lifetouch never charges a sitting fee.

One pose will be selected for the directory. You can also purchase additional portraits at attractive prices on the day of your portrait session. No other photos will be accepted.

Remember this is a professional portrait session. What you wear has a major influence on how satisfied you will be with your portraits. Watch for your Portrait Sitting Guide with tips on how to prepare for your session.

We want all of our members to be included in the new parish directory.
Schedule your photography session today!

 Click her for more info on:  Lifetouch Directory Program

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