Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage

Our Philoptochos supports the ministries of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage which are founded and operated by three dedicated Orthodox nuns who, independent from the government, run a children’s rescue program in the most deplorable and crime ridden part of Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The nuns’ ministry is to provide love, faith and hope to abandoned children who have been rescued from the streets of Guatemala City where they previously lived lives of desperation and abuse.

Through the love and intervention of others, the nuns are constructing a new orphanage on a scenic piece of property that has been donated to the monastery at a healthier location several miles outside the city.  The nun’s hope and aspiration is that this new orphanage will become economically self-sufficient through various development projects that have been conceived for construction.

Each day the children’s schedules are combined with prayer, church services, and schooling. In time, the school will be moved to the new monastery grounds, where the children will be able to enjoy the beautiful new Orthodox Christian church and facilities under construction at the monastery grounds.