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“Christians Throughout The World, and Especially In The Middle East, Are Undergoing A Vicious Wave Of Persecution – Lord have mercy!”

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When ISIS attacked and captured the historic city of Mosul, Iraq last summer ISIS militants tagged Christian homes with the Arabic letter ‘N’, negatively connoting that these families were, ‘Nazarani,’ indicating, “They are followers of Jesus of Nazareth.” and would therefore be targeted for expulsion, extermination, or forced conversion to Islam.

Invading ISIS militants demanded that each home owner convert to Islam or pay the jizya (submission tax); or be expelled and publicly executed.



Most of the Middle East has had a large Christian population since the time of Jesus Christ.  Soon after His coming, most of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt became Christian.  For example, the city of Mosul, Iraq, had been continuously Christian for more than 1800 years – until Muslim militants committed genocide against them.  ISIS/ISIL is erasing this history by paving a path of Christian genocide and destruction throughout the Middle East. They are marking the homes of Christians with the Arabic letter “N” to process people for extermination.

Thankfully, there is a surge of global sentiment against the genocide of Christians:

Let us stand united with persecuted Christians by faithfully wearing the ‘I too am a Nazarene’ pin, confessing that we are also followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the most beautiful person who ever lived! – Fr. Philemon

All pin proceeds will be directed by our Church to the IOCC* to provide aid to those persecuted and impoverished in the Middle East.

Pin Price:  $5 plus shipping (FREE Priority shipping with purchases above 50)

Pin is 1″ square, back has Butterfly clasp and inscription for Trademark.

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* The International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is the global relief agency for Christian World Orthodoxy.

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