Christian Rights and Freedom Institute

Cropped CRFI Logo

  1. The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute exists to, “Witness our Faith by peacefully uplifting Christ”, against all forms of evil, tyranny, injustice, and moral decay afflicting our human race.

  2. Freedom is an inalienable right bestowed by our Divine Creator upon all human beings.

  3. The foundation of all freedom is, “Divine Law”. As American Citizens, our 1st Amendment Freedoms include Grievance, Assembly, Speech, Press and Religious Liberty, the latter being the highest of all our freedoms because it allows us to freely express our conscience, and to know and worship God from whom all freedoms stem; therefore, we are morally obligated to defend the Religious Liberty of every person.

  4. Jesus is the Light and Life of the world.  As His followers, we Christians are called to illumine and heal this fallen world.

  5. We understand that Jesus Christ, the Divine Logos is the σπερματικός λόγος (the seed of the word). He is the source of, “every good and perfect gift, which is from above…” (James 1:17). Wherever beauty, truth and righteousness exist, He is present.

  6. We Americans live in an imperfect union.  Our inalienable rights and freedoms are being eroded and abridged.  We want them back!  We can regain them by uplifting Christ.  When they are restored, we all will benefit.

  7. Our first challenge as Christians is the transmission of faith in God to succeeding generations, and the education of our families on the sacredness of religious liberty as the public means by which we express our Free Will. Families are experiencing unprecedented social and economic pressures, and are failing in this regard, thus diminishing the number of faithful Christians in our society – this trend must be reversed!

  8. The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute can play an important role in the education of our families on the foundations of their freedoms through our educational and advocacy programs, which are intended for use in homes, churches, communities and schools.

  9. In fact, freedom is so fundamental to everyone’s well-being, that Christians are morally obligated to speak out on matters of Religious Liberty, Human Rights, and on the pressing moral and ethical issues of our day. We must play and leading role in this educational process.  The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute is committed to this cause.